szerda, október 31, 2012

next up...

I've chosen my next projects, and even took the time last night to put away all my threads from my happy dances and get stuff ready for the new ones.

I've picked 4 - I've pulled two wips and decided to start two new ones...

Here they are...first the wips
1.  Last Supper by Leisure Arts. 
This is where I stand from when I last stitched on it in February of this year...

stitched on 28ct cashel linen with dmc thread

2. Fairy Moon by Mirablia
This poor girl hasn't seen the light of day since June 2010... so needless to say definitely time to not only work on her but finish her as well!

stitched on 28ct Iris lugana by Sugar Maple Fabrics with the reccomended threads

Now the new projects

3. Maple/autumn leafs by Urusla Michael (Cross Stitch & Needlework Magazine)

to be stitched on white 28ct joblean with dmc threads

4. Cat freebie - the one who's link I posted in my previous post...
I know that it's too late for this Halloween, but I plan on stitching it to make it a bit more halloweeny than just plain black.

that's it for now... I hope everyone had a very safe and happy halloween, with lots of treats!!!

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