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A few posts ago, I was asking about your favourite needles, beading and stitching, and promised a photo of my stitching needle.  I found and bought these while living in Hungary, and each time I go back I stock up on them. Since finding them, I have been exclusively been using these needles for my stitching, and won't go back to using anything else - so that is now more than 10 years. I just love them. I also know I got a few stitching friends hooked on them too!

If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you will see that at the point of the needle there is a tiny little ball.
It's November, and that means all over the blogging world that its nablopomo - or national blog posting month, where you post to your blog every day for the month.  I did it for the first time last year and managed to post every day. I will try again this year, but unofficially as I know I may not make it, and it also takes the pressure off of having to find somthing to post every day. It is fun to try though!
Also since I've been on a freebie posting streak, let's continue today... but let's move to a more Christmassy theme as Christmas is almost here!  These last few weeks of the year will just fly by before we know it!
Just click on the picture and it should take you to the pattern.  If not, then just click here.

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Meg fogom mutatni én is a kedvenc tűmet, ilyet, aminek a végén van egy pici golyó, még nem is láttam!
Milyen méretű egyébként és ha Magyarország, akkor hol szerezted be?

Ez a blogoló-hónap nagyon jó ötlet, kicsit feldobná a blog-életet és novemberben már amúgy is visszahúzódnak az emberek a meleg szobáikba. Visszamenőleg - gondolom - már nem ér...:o)

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