kedd, november 20, 2012

stitchy stash...

Today was a good stash day!  I got my fabrics from Stephanie (click here to check out her website)

I got the following fabrics - all on 32ct jobelan and all 18x26
front row from left to right: snow drifts, blaze maple, falling leaves, secret
back row from left to right: abyss, haunting, warm sugar, and mulled cider

I love them all! I can hardly wait to pick projects for them!

I also went to Chapters as the new CS&N magazine is out, the one with the new Nora Corbett fairy... ohh she is so beautiful!

That's it for today, I'm off to stitch and play with my new stash!  I'm still waiting on 2 more pieces of fabric and a bunch of other goodies!

till next time ... happy stitching!

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Jucus írta...

Hű, de micsoda "stash day"-ed volt, csodaszép dolgokat szereztél be! Kíváncsi leszek, mik fognak készülni ebből a sok csodaságból!