hétfő, január 14, 2013

we have winners!!

I have a couple of stitchy things to update you with, but before we get to that, let me announce the winners of my giveaways.

For the snowmen package, there were 14 names which I took from the comments:

1. Beaj
2. Social Sue
4. Linda (bengalcatlover10@yahoo.com)
6. Donna
7. Linda (lindafr@tx.rr.com)
8. Sally
9. McKenna
10. Terry
11. Dawn
12. Carolyn
13. Kathy
14. Penny

I used the random number generator and it picked number 3 - Kiri as the winner. I will email you to get your mailing information.

For the magazines, there were 10 names in the comments:

1. Beaj
3. Dragonlair
4. Kim Reid
5. McKenna
6. Dawn
7. Nancy
8. Carolyn
9. Kathy
10. Annie

Here the random number generator picked number 10 - Annie as the winner. I will email you also for your mailing information.

Congratulations to the winners!!!  Keep watching as I will be having more giveaways soon.

Now on to stitching stuff... yesterday was our Sunday SAL with Barbi, and though I didn't get too much time to stitch, I did get a little progress in.

I am enjoying stitching this, and really wanted to continue on today, but alas... that is against the "rules". Excuse the bad photo, I just couldn't get a good one, since I normally take my photos with my phone, but even if I use the camera, I tend to do it at night when I am stitching... so always in terrible light...

I was working on my Last Supper wip last week, and will continue with that again this week. Here is my progress as of Saturday, and the whole thing to date.

Hubby took these pictures, and he is also better at playing with the photos on the computer to make them look good. In the first picture, that bottom left corner, from the green wrap on the end apostle's waist, down to the second apostle's foot is completely done, including the table cloth (not the top of the table where the end apostle's hand is) back stitching and all... today so far I've added some more back stitch as well as some more of the wine and food on the table.  It's coming along, but very slowly and there is still so much to do!

Anyways, till next time happy stitching, and again congratulations to the winners!!

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Annie írta...

I can't believe I won....I'm so excited! Thank you so much!
Your stitching is beautiful. That is such a big, complex project. It's going to be stunning when finished!

Annie írta...

My email is AnnieB63@aol.com

McKenna C. írta...

Congrats to the winners! Great work on your stitching! :D


Linda írta...

Congrats to the winners. Great progress on both your pieces.


Kiri írta...

I'll get an email to you in just a moment, but I wanted to mention that your Last Supper is gorgeous! I'm still too intimidated to try that one.

Thank you for the generous giveaway!

Kiri írta...

Hey did you get the email I sent? Want to make sure it went through and didn't get lost in limbo somewhere.

Thanks again!