vasárnap, február 10, 2013

ort report...

It doesn't seem that long ago, that I posted my jar from last month's ort report and here we are again!  A month has gone by and I don't know where the time went to!  It went by way too fast.  That being said I managed to get a bunch of stitching in.... as my jar is completely full. 

I did work a lot on my Last Supper wip, as well as started our Sunday SAL with Barbi - working on Humbolt Coast by Silver Lining, and now this past couple of weeks, I've been stitching some smalls... you've already seen pictures of 3 of them... so I'll post the rest too... I just have to finish finish them, and then they are ready to go to their new homes.

That's it for now... as I still have a little time for some late night stitching before bedtime!
So till next time.... happy stitching!

3 megjegyzés:

Linda írta...

Love all your smalls.


Barbi írta...

Beautiful smalls Kati! Love the kitty one!

ricketyjo írta...

That's a very full jar, you've been busy :) Love all your stitching progress.