csütörtök, február 28, 2013


Here they are!  I've finally made the rest into pinkeeps (with the help of hubby of course) These are all gifts from my pay it forward facebook offer from way back when... I'm the queen of procrastination so I obviously am very late with getting these to their recipients... who probably don't even remember they signed up! But that's okay, hopefully they will think it is a nice surprise when they recieve them.

I do have two more to do, one more of the the "use it up" and the kitty blackwork heart but those are for us - hubby and I, so we will finish those off later...

I've been slowly working on Fairy Moon still this week, and will more than likely continue next week as well. Then dear readers I will be taking a blogging break until after easter...but no need to worry all is well, and I will still post a couple of times before then!

Till next time... happy stitching!!

4 megjegyzés:

Linda írta...

They all turned out great Katica. You and hubby did an awesome job.


Kiri írta...

Love them!! Thanks for sharing!

Karen írta...

Very cute!!

Jucus írta...

Szia, Katica!
A Facebook-on van ez a nyuszis SAL, nem hiszem, hogy zárt, de ha igen, biztosan csatlakozhatsz!
Ha csak a minta érdekel, küldj egy e-mail címet és küldöm!