szombat, március 09, 2013

early ort report

Just a quick post as I will be taking a blogging break for a bit, and I won't be around on Monday to post my ort report for the TUSAL...

Here is my jar for the last month... lots of orts in there! the bottom layer is from my pinkeeps, all different colours and then the rest is from Humbolt Coast and Fairy Moon, lots and lots of white, greys and greens in there!

Here is also my last post of a wip in a while too... I've been working on Fairy Moon, and I would love to get the bottom done already so I can finally move on the the fun stuff of her hair, and face!  But it was not meant to be, at least not yet!  Soon though, soon!

Anyways, till next time... happy stitching!!

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Kiri írta...

Gorgeous stitching as always! Maybe if you take a long enough break, I'll stand a chance of finishing Cinderella before you finish Fairy Moon. =)

(Not likely, but I can dream!)