vasárnap, december 07, 2014

dancing away...

I have a few happy dances to show... my blackwork piece is finally finished into its final version... a stitcher's bourse. My darling hubby helped with the sewing, and it is now making its way to its recipient.


I've also finished a few more scarves... here are scarves 5, 6 and 7.

I still have a couple of more scarves to make but I have a few things to stitch first before I continue along with the crocheting.

And just a couple of pictures to help get into the Christmas spirit...

We turned on our Christmas lights last night...

and today we went and saw some reindeer!

Till next time... happy stitching!

1 megjegyzés:

Marilyn írta...

Love, love, love the finish!
Lucky recipient.
What a beautiful piece.
Cute Reindeer too.