szombat, november 14, 2015

catch up - crochet projects

In addition to stitching... I've also been crocheting... though not as much...

I managed to finish off another blanket, though it turned out smaller than I wanted... you can still snuggle into it, but it really is only  single person blanket... not really more than that... I was concentrating more on the stripes than the actual size... I do like how it turned out... I used a random stripe generator for the pattern.

It will be a Christmas gift for my niece, as she wanted a blanket in purples and yellows... so I used two purples and a yellow and a cream colour for hers...

I have also started 2 more crochet projects... one is scarf in greys for my other niece
 And the other is another blanket for my other nephew in blues...  though you can't quite tell in the picture... the colours are close to DMC 930 and 932 and the third one will be a grey and will be just big fat stripes.

I know time is short... but I am trying to have both of these done for Christmas. I'll try and keep you updated on them!

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