hétfő, február 06, 2017

hello february

I didn't post last Monday, as I didn't have anything new to show.

I didn't get anything done on our Sunday SAL as my husband took me out on a surprise date - dinner and the theatre so zero stitching.

This week, is different... I continued to work on Autumn Quakers a bit, and here is where I stand with that one...

I've reached the top of the pattern, and added the date.  As you can see I am planning on finishing it this year!  Hopefully sooner rather than later in the year too.

Then I pulled out another wip to give it some love for a couple of days as well.... this time Sunflower Bouquet by Lanarte.

Again, I made some progress, and am getting close to a finish on this one as well.

And last but definitely not least, our Sunday SAL... Portrait of Veronica... I didn't get much time to work on her yesterday but I did put some stitches in... and here is where I got...

Not sure what is on the stitching agenda this week... but until next time happy stitching!

2 megjegyzés:

Marilyn írta...

Great progress on your WIPS.
These are both going to be so pretty.
Not much more to go on Autumn Quakers!

Beáta Tüzes írta...

Autumn and Lanarte super!