szerda, január 18, 2006

Back to the blogging world...

Wow! Its been two weeks since my last entry!! I can't believe how the time has flown right by!! Life has basically taken over and was quite hectic for a bit - anyways, things have calmed down at our house, and sadly things are much quieter too. My brother and his family went back to Hungary on Friday so no nieces to play with or listen to scream! I miss them already... I wish that the distance between the two countries (Canada and Hungary) was a lot smaller so it would make visiting much easier!

Anyways stitching news... I finally managed to finish Laci's dragon. It was supposed to be for christmas but I ran out of thread for it so I had to wait till the order arrived. Here it is, I think it turned out pretty good. Not sure yet if it will be framed or made into a pillow, but if its a pillow I may stitch another one facing the other direction as a pair.

He is stitched on a 25ct black evenweave (name unknow) that I bought in Hungary last year with Splendor silk #1106. When I reordered my thread I did make sure I ordered enough to make another one if needed, so they will match. The pattern is a freebie called Dragon Chinois by Passion Broderie.

Right now I'm working on BC's Snapperville series and I hope to have that done fairly quickly as my fabric for "My Stitching Treasures" arrived today. I really want to start that one, but I'll try and be good and wait till I finish off the one I'm working on right now!

Stitching Goals for 2006 - I've never done this before -set up stitching goals, but I thought it would be neat to see my plans and how well I stick to them!
Goals to finish forsure this year:
1. Bent Creek Snapperville Series
2. Jeanette Douglas - My Stitching Treasures
3. Lavender and Lace - The Wedding
4. Dracolair Creations - Midnight Hunting
5. At least 6 Christmas ornaments - stitching only, finishing we'll talk about later!

This year's WIPs - must make some progress on them!
1. Leisure Arts - The Last Supper
2. Anagram Diffusion - ABC Rouge - in blue

Possible new starts...
As many as possible out of my stash!

My rotation that has been completly thrown out the window is a max of 4 projects at anyone time, where I rotate weekly. I would really like to get back into doing this, starting right after I finish up the BC and after organizing my stash a bit - the L&L is to be my focus piece since right now that is the only one with a deadline.

Anyhoo, that is it for now, as it is late as usual and I need to go to bed...

Tomorrow's blog entry - the 2006 Weight Loss Challenge has begun!

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