kedd, február 14, 2006

And we're off...

Off to a better start that is!!!

I didn't mean to sound so down and out and hard on myself with my last post, I guess I just had a cloud hanging over my head, but its gone! Thanks to all of you that commented or emailed! Hugs to you all! Today is a new day and a brand new begining!! Since Thursday's post I've been trying to eat better, and drink more water. The exercise is going to come too - we've just been so busy that I haven't even had time to breathe the last few days, but I promise that will be incorporated in there too. I even stepped on the scale, and *gasp* its still the same weight I was back in January when I originally set out on this journey - so that was a bonus point for me! I was totally expecting it to be higher! (but mini happy dance it wasn't!)

Anyways, happy St. Valentine's Day!!!! It is one of my favourite days - yes I love the hearts, the red everywhere all the funky decorations, the cards, the chocolate etc, I just hate how they seem to forget the love behind the day. Yes it has become much to commercialized, but I know one thing, Cupid's arrow hit the right spot when it got me and DH. I love him to bits and I know he loves me too, and I let him know as often as possible. Today is just another day (and excuse) for me to spoil him. Though I do have to admit, we don't really "do" Valentine's day other than exchange cards, and yes he does sometimes surprise me by getting me flowers. So to all of you out there enjoy your day with your loved one(s) celebrating however you like.

On to stitching news... no, no new happy dances to report, but I am coming along nicely with my "My Stitching Treasures" I have about 2/3rds of the outside border done. And then once that is done, its off to do the indivual squares! Some look a little daunting with a lot of over one stitching on 32 ct, but I'll go slowly and count carefully so I won't have to frog any of it! I am enjoying stitching this one, and am looking forward to getting it done and framed in its box! I will post a progress picture a little later...

I've also got my list of floss needed for my next start - L&L's The Wedding for my niece Michelle's wedding in July. There is an awful lot of white in there, but I plug along slowly on that one too. I want to start it this month so I can get a good head start on it, and try and finish it up by June so there is still time for framing.

Other stitching news, thanks to a wonderful friend (E you know who you are) I know that Thursday will be the open house at one of the local LNS for the Nashville Market's new releases. I've decided that though I don't really need anything, I am going to go and get what I want. After that, I'll jump back onto the "wagon" so to speak. If I don't do this, I know it will knaw at me, and I will binge shop more stash than if I just let myself go and get some.

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