csütörtök, február 09, 2006


I am very disappointed in myself and I have to confess to a few things, this way at least its out in the open and I am more accountable for my actions...

Tuesday, Feb. 7th I promised myself that I will re-start my weight loss challenge - eat better (healthier), and most definitely exercise. Well I've failed miserably - I know its only been two days, but at the same time its not just been two days, my whole life seems to be like this. Ever since I said I was going to start this weight loss challenge (the first time) I have been having this major craving for McDonalds - I love McD's, I could probably live on it and not get bored of eating the stuff, I finally broke down and for two days straight had that for lunch. I also hate McD's - as soon as I eat it I feel guilty - I hate that! Every once in a while is okay, and that is what I have to learn - I can't binge on the stuff or I'll never get anywhere with the weight loss!!!

Other than the McD's I haven't been eating all that healthy either - lately all it seems that I'm craving is junk food - chips, chocolate you name it - right now I would rather eat that than a normal meal. Doesn't mean that that is all I've been eating, but I've been indulging myself more than I should lately - maybe a little too much!

I also want to confess that I have yet to get back up on that darn treadmill and do something. I have friends cheering me on, and supporting me, and I'm just letting them and myself down. I want to do it, and I know I should do it, but I'll admit I'm a lazy bum! I would rather sit in front of the computer and surf all day or get out of the house and do something - drive around doing errands etc or stitch all day/night long than go and walk on that damn thing. I know that the first few weeks are the hardest but once you get into a routine your body will actually crave the exercise, but how can I get myself on the darn thing to actually start?? That is my problem, and one that only I can work out - and I will becuase I know I have to. I've said this type of thing before like "I know I have to lose weight" etc, but this time I don't want to just say it, I actually want to do something about it.

And one last thing to confess - I know what else!! I went stash shopping!! I ordered a bunch of fabric from Silkweavers - goodness only knows why - its not like I don't have enough already, but I even placed an order from The Silver Needle! I didn't even last a day and I ordered the Winter Snapperland series as well as signed myself up for the automatic sending of the Spring one that Bent Creek will be doing! And while I was at it I also signed myself up for the Lizzie Kate 2006 flip it series!! I need help!! I'm not sure how I'm going to try and be a stash only stitcher with the Nashville Market coming up in the next few days and all those beautiful new releases and sales!!! Its not like I can't afford these purchases, I love shopping for stitchy stuff - its like therapy, but I have so much already and I'm going to have to live to be at least 300 with all the stuff I have now. That is why I am trying to be a stash only stitcher to at least make some sort of dent (no matter how small) in my stash!!

Anyways, that's it for my confessions, hopefully I'll be doing better in the next few days on all fronts! Keep cheering me on! It does help - really!

A little bad news though - the stupid cough is back!!! I'm hoping to get it in check before I start to feel lousy again too!

3 megjegyzés:

Belinda írta...

I hope you feel better soon!

I hear you on the McD's - I'm that way about Popeyes ;)

Blissful Loser írta...

Oh sweetie!!!
It will get better, it's just not the right time for you yet that's all. You have to be ready, and then you'll do it!!!! I know you will!

helen írta...

You can do it! If you really want it!

And try to make some exercise! Just start it! And than you will start to eat better food!