péntek, február 17, 2006

It's Friday...

The Friday before a long weekend!! And if that isn't reason enough to celebrate then I don't know what is... okay I do, I have a few happy dances to share, and not just stitching ones!
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Let's start with the stitchy one, and get that out of the way... I have a mini happy dance to report. Tuesday night I finished the outside of the MST border, and last night I started on the inside blocks... Wednesday had a small happy dance as well - I bought all the thread (except the gold metallic - which I should have somewhere here at home) for my niece's wedding piece (L&L The Wedding). I even managed to wind all the thread onto bobbins for it! Now to just find the perfect fabric for it! Since I was winding, I didn't get any stitching in Wednesday evening.

Other stitching news, one of the LNS' (local needlework store) had there Nashville Market preview yesterday, so being the stashaholic/stashinte that I truly am I went! Of course I bought stuff, and I had a great time! I am not going to list my purchases here as I have no need to public humiliate myself on my spending habits! Image hosting by Photobucket

Anyways, while I was finally at the register paying for my purchases, the owner (one of them) who was helping me remember the fact that DH bought MST for me for Chrismtas and the box for our anniversary, and started asking how I was doing on it - had I started etc. We were talking, when suddenly she goes "do you know Jeanette?" I was like Jeanette who - she meant the designer herself, and I of course said no. Suddenly she called out "Jeanette - come over here" Over came this blonde lady, and the store owner introduced us, and told Jeanette that I happen to be working on one of her designs...we talked for abit, and then after I finally signed my life away to VISA I left, with even a hug from Jeanette! What a wonderful, down-to-earth funny and friendly lady! It was so cool to meet her. I knew she was a local designer, but never would I have imagined running into her anywhere or even meeting and talking with her! So I got to meet a cross stitch celebrity! Too bad I didn't have my camera (or my pattern for that matter for her to sign)

And my last happy dance for me is that I actually went on the treadmill on Wednesday - skipped yesterday but that was only becuase I was so busy until fairly late last night, and we got home at 10pm so I didn't want to do it then... but Wednesday I did 2.23 km in 1/2 or 3672 steps! So I am definitely heading in the right direction! I should hopefully be able to do some more today, and I will try and get it in there sometime this weekend as well (weekends are usually our busiest though, but I'll try). So yeah me! Image hosting by Photobucket

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