hétfő, március 27, 2006

It's Monday...

Ahhh the beginning of a new week... the hopes of better things to come, of better days ahead... Mondays some people hate 'em some don't. I'm not sure which category I fit into but right now I'm okay with them. We had a rocky start to the weekend, but no need to go into details about that here - just your regularly scheduled crap from the Cultural Center where we volunteer - so nothing out of the ordinary there, just the person it came from... anyways enough of that!

Laci and I had a great weekend, or I think we did. Saturday, dad, Laci and I had a nice relaxing day that started off with a nice brunch out, and then we went looking at showhomes. We saw a few beauties, that if I would have had the cash, I would have dropped it on the counter for a downpayment! One of the houses even caught my dad's attention, and let me tell you that is no easy feat! It was fun playing around with lots and different houses etc when we got home, which we would choose if we were to buy it right now etc. Dad even got into the game, and even sounded serious when he asked " wouldn't that be too far out of the city to live??" LOL It was a day of much needed rest. The evening went by similarly, just quietly the three of us watching movies - me doing a little stitching (on one of the gifts so no progress picture)

Sunday went by fairly the same - though instead of looking at showhomes, we went and cleaned up the Cultural Center. Now I know some of you are thinking why am I the one cleaning it, its not my responsiblity, and you are right! We do have a cleaning crew that cleans the hall once a week - usually on Mondays, but we had a hall rental Saturday night, and they paid extra so they wouldn't have to clean up after themselves like normally stated in the contracts. However silly me forgot that the cleaning people said they were going away this weekend and wouldn't be able to clean until Tuesday! Well the hall couldn't stay the way it looked as Sunday's are when the 3 dance groups practice! So off we went to do a general clean up so that the hall was at least useable.

Sunday night however, was great. Laci and I sort of had a date! We had theatre tickets! My SIL's place of employment puts on an annual fundraising theatre night with production house here and that is where we went. We were there last year too - and saw Westside Story and this year the musical was Guys and Dolls. It was great. I'd never heard of it before, and it was really good. Worth seeing! Anyways, the evening consited of several buffet tables of appetizer and finger foods, a cash bar (but each ticket had two free drink tickets) and a silent auction. I will admit last year's silent auction had much more stuff and much better stuff. (we bid and won several things last year) This year we only bid on one - and won it! A very cute and cuddly gorilla (blogger isn't allowing me to post photos, so click on the link to see him) The bonus and funny part was we also won 4 adult passes to the zoo! I didn't even notice that part when I bid!! I only wanted the gorilla!!

Stitching updates... another week has passed and another round in my rotation. No fabric has arrived yet for the wedding piece, so I'm just switching between my box and the baby announcement - plus throwing in the little gifts here and there!
Here is my progress on My Stitching Treasures that I worked on last week - again no picture so click the link. This week its back to the baby announcement!

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