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Stitching stuff...

I haven't updated since Saturday, and its more becuase of not much has been happening, and a little laziness combined...

Saturday went well, I guess. I did okay in "real" clothes, though the underlining of my dress kept getting twisted and moving up everytime I stood up and sat down, which was often, as standing felt better than sitting sometimes - so needles to say I was in the bathroom - a lot! My poor dear friend who came with us, kept having to come with me so she could adjust my dress - we must have looked funny, her always on her knees, hands up my skirt pulling down my dumb lining! But we all survived, and had a pretty good time after dinner was over! Dinner sucked - the food in itself was pretty good (good as could be expected for the ball)- except for the lawnmower cutting salad (but that is expected) - but the main course came out late (compared to every other table around us) and cold. The plate itself was warm but the food was cold. So we sent it back - second time round, my food was warm, but poor DH - still cold - warmer plate, but cold food. We didn't send it back again, but did let them know. I mean we're paying big bucks for this event, the least the hotel could do is make sure the food was at least warm - I'm not saying hot, as that is difficult to do when serving 500 people at once, but at least warm... Anyways, we didn't take too many pictures as we had a terrible table and couldn't see a darn thing when the dancing was going on. I'll see how the few we did take turned out and may add them in my next post...

Onto stitching stuff... here is my latest installment of my progress on My Stitching Treasures by Jeanette Douglas
I am working on two squares at once right now, because there is only so much of over one stitching on 32ct I can handle at once... I'm really enjoying this so far, all the specialty stitches etc. Its really neat. I've decided though that I will swap out some of the charms and add my own to make it more personal, I just have to see which ones I'll get rid off and then find the suitable replacements. I managed to get a lot of my progress done in the last few days, as last week when I was on "prescribed" rest from after my little surgery I just didn't feel like stitching at all. I'm really liking the way its turning out, and I like how my fabric isn't quite as dark/gloomy as the one that the model in the LNS is stitched on.

Other stitchy stuff... goals. I don't ususally post any stitching goals, but I thought I would give it a try this time. On one of the message boards I visit, I posted goals for February, so I'll repost them here (nothing major) and also how I did with them, and then we'll move on to my March goals.

February Goals (including non-stitchy goals)
-finish my Bent Creek Snapperville done!
-start Jeanette Douglas' My Stitching Treasures started
-get my rotation back in order and actually try and make it work no progress
-go through my stash and get a sale list going (mainly magazines ~ in case anyone is intersted...) got my magazine list together and even sold 90% of them!!! Whoo hoo!!!

non- stitching goals
-update my blog regularly doing pretty well on this one...
-try and exercise more and more regularly to help me try and lose weight (will power and laziness are my two biggest obstacles) laziness and lack of will power seem to be winning here

March's goals
-finish MST by Jeanette Douglas
-start L&L's The Wedding for Michelle
-get rotation up and going
-go through rest of stash for sale list

non-stitchy goals:
- try to exercise and get into a routine and try to lose weight

Okay I know that these are not exactly very big and major goals, but since I don't usually do them I thought I would start simple... I'll get the hang of this sooner or later!

SBQ for this week:
Q:What cross-stitch magazines or other publications (as opposed toblogs) do you read on a regular basis? What do you like about them?What do you not like? What would your perfect publication include?

A: Well I can say that I am a magazine-aholic - I have a ton of stitching magzines, and until just recently would purchase several every new issue - by several I mean 7 magazines. I'm a magazine junkie! I love the UK stitching magzines, and usually buy WOCS, CSC, The Cross Stitcher (UK), Cross Stitch Gold, I also get US magazines - JCS, Stitcher's World (not sure I'm going to continue with that one since it has changed), Stoney Creek. I actually do buy them for the articles, okay the charts too, but I do read them from end to end. My favourite was Stitcher's World, especially the "Frantics" article at the end, I also like the how to sections in the various magazines.
What don't I like...the US ones - they have a tendency to push one designer all the time, and after a while it gets tiring no matter how much you actually like the designer in the first place. UK magazines - their patterns are becoming way too simple or simplified, as well it seems like one of them is beginning to recycle some of their earlier patterns - that isn't always a good thing. Also I'm beginning to find few and fewer things in the UK magazines that I would actually like to stitch... hence why I have been reluctant to actually go and get the newest issues... I don't really need anymore, they are taking up way too much room, I don't really stitch anything from them, so I shouldn't really buy them anymore...

My perfect publication - that is a hard question. It would definitely be a thicker magazine compared to the US ones, you need to have more pages, with not a lot of advertising like the UK ones. One of my all time favourite magazines is the Italian one Suzanna - lovely designs - both difficult and simple (and everything inbetween) and lots of designs, and showing different ways to finish things - not always a pillow or framed piece. I just wish I could read that one! Another one of my favourite magazines - another "foreign" magaine - from Hungary called Keresztszemes magazine - okay a lot of the designs are not to my taste - though very nice and easy - they have great ideas on finishing, and they have a section in there dedicted to traditional Hungarian cross stitching - lots of great patterns and information. It would definitely have a section of stitching from around the world, and how to articles - especially on various finishing methods. Not sure what else I would like, but definitely only black and white charts.

Sometimes I wish I was as orgainzed and motiviated in other aspects of my life as I am with my stitching!

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