péntek, április 14, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my friends and fellow stitchers!

Just thought I would pop in for a quick update... no news on the job front, though I did talk to my supervisor and she said that interviews will/should start sometime next week. We'll see... I'm starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing and maybe just staying casual but pick up a bunch of shifts... I don't know... I had my first week of regular shifts at work this week and I think it went okay, though I could have done without the training part! I had to train on Monday (see previous entry) as well as yesterday (Thursday) though yesterday I was the one without a computer and watching over her shoulder. Supposedly I did fairly well, but I just don't feel like I have the patience for it, and I felt bad for the lady I was training, as she is a very nice person. Anyways, enough about job stuff, its the long weeked!!! Time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and time off!

Stitching wise, I started the wedding piece for my niece, and its coming along nicely, slowly but nicely. I'm really liking how its looking on the fabric. I will post a progress picture on Monday to show how I did for the week. I'm not sure yet as to which one will come next as it is MST turn, I made some great progress on the baby announcement as well, and I need to get one done asap as well, but I may just continue along with the wedding one. We'll see what my mood is when Monday approaches!

The weather outside is beautiful, we've been "playing" in the garden today, doing some spring cleanup, and it looks so much better already! The silly thing though is for some reason I always get "stuck" doing the garden on the side of the house where the lawn slopes. I always get so pooped and sore from doing that area - if I start from the top down my ankles kill me, if I go from the bottom up, my calves hurt. I just can't win! I'm not complaining or anything, I actually kinda like doing it (since dad seems to trust me enough not to pull out/cut the wrong plants). It just seems strange that no matter the season I always get that area!

Happy Easter to everyone, have a great long weekend!

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