hétfő, április 10, 2006

Wow! its Monday again....

Where the heck did the weekend go??? (okay not just the weekend, but Thursday and Friday as well???) I seem to be missing days here!!

Anyways, Thursday, yes I did make it into work, and even made it on time (almost! - I just missed the quick morning meeting when I walked in the door, but I did make it in!) Let's just say it was interesting... some things were okay, and it was like riding a bike, the various things I need to do on the computer program we use were coming back to me amazingly quickly. Other things were a bit harder to get used to - the change in the desks - as to who now sits where compared to where they used to sit when I was there last, and finally other things were just plain weird... can't put my finger on a single thing in that category, but trust me there was a weird feeling going on there as well... But I survived, and have since then survived one more day - today - but this time I was thrown into the deep end! Thursday was an orientation type day for me, where it was mainly observing and doing paperwork. Today however, was a full blown regular shift - I was covering the staffing needs for 3 units at the hospital. That would have been okay if it was just that and I would have muddled my way through it, but nope that is not all I had to do today! I was also somewhat training someone!!! OMG!!! She was the one who would be eventually be taking over the units I was covering full time (in a few weeks) and today was her first day of orientation. She basically watched what I was doing (or trying to do) and asked questions, and I tried to answer the best I could but sometimes I did have to run and ask someone else... I think I did pretty good, but the poor woman was proabaly bored to tears as there is only so much watching someone else work you can do! Tomorrow though is another day - she will be going to do her computer training so at least I won't have someone looking over my shoulder like a hawk tomorrow...

No news yet on the job posting, the deadline was today at 4pm, so we get to wait and see now. The decision should be fairly quick as the person who gets it is supposed to start next week already... I'm okay if I get it or if I don't - I'm good either way. One of the girls in the office really hopes that I'm the one who gets it becuase then she knows she can have all my 6am shifts and we can swap them for her 8am shifts. I am so not a morning person and I just don't do well at 6am. If I do get it, she is more than welcome to those shifts!

One little weekend blurb... I went to my first ever stitch in at a LNS anywhere! I went with one of my friends (hi Eddie!!!)and we had a blast. We laughed (a lot), we ate (okay I ate - she didn't), chatted with people and even shopped (both of us shopped not just me!) We even got some stitching done! I even met up with one of my "old" online friends whom I haven't seen in a very long time! (Hi Terri!!!) It was so good to see her! Strange though I've never met any of the other ladies who were there before in my life, I could swear that I've seen at least half of them before somewhere and not just once - they were so familiar... I am definitely planning on going again next month! (and other subsequent months if possible)

Good news on the stitching front, my fabric arrived for the wedding piece (finally) and I've decided to do it on 28ct instead of 32. Its already going to be a big piece, so why not make it that much bigger! My niece has room on her walls, it will fit! So that is what I will be starting as soon as I finish this entry...

Here is my progress on the baby announcement from last weeks rotation. I think I did pretty good. Ignore that
little spot by the hummingbird's beak as its just a piece of fluff I didn't notice!

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an_drea írta...

Hi Katica, I'm bea from Spain.
I love cross stitching, and I like so much watch other stitchers great works.

This baby announcement it's fabolous. congratulations.

I would like to ask you a question. I've seen some blinkies that I like. The ones who referrs to cross stitching, so, could you tell me in which site can I found them.
Thanks so much!!