hétfő, április 24, 2006

Oooopppsss I forgot...

I forgot to add to my previous entry that we went to a stitching class on Saturday... let's just say it was an experience... The 4 of us (who I knew) had a good time, or at least I think we did, but the lady teaching the class was .... interesting... she didn't seem to know what she was doing, so it seemed a little difficult for her to teach, plus though I know its not a requirement to speak Hungarian if you are teaching hungarian embroidery, but at least learn how to pronounce the names of the regions etc properly, so that we don't have to try and guess at what you are trying to say. And another complaint, was that she was dirty... the pieces she was showing off were dirty (not just used - which would be understandable as some were from her Grandmother) but down right dirty and stained, and so were her hands, it was sort of hard to watch when she was showing you the different stitches... Oh well, it was still an okay class, the ladies I went with are great, and thanks to them, I had a good time. I at least got to practice a bit on the embroidery, as this is the second time that I've tried it... I'll have to keep working on it, and maybe even one day show off a happy dance!

Speaking of happy dances... I was able to finally finish off part 2 of a gift that should have been done a long time ago! I still need to put them together but the stitching on them is finally done! As soon as I can I will post a picture of them - that is of course once they are finally "finished" into what they are supposed to be, and mailed and recieved by the recipient! It could be a while, but be patient with me!

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