vasárnap, április 30, 2006

Stitching Goals etc. revisited...

Its that time again, this month has just flown by! I really have no clue where the time went!

Anyways, here is a quick recap of my April goals and how I did:

April's Goals:
- finish up MST by Jeanette Douglas - I didn't even touch it this month
-start L&L's The Wedding for Michelle - Yeah!!! I started it and did pretty good so far
-make progress on baby announcement for Maya (new project started in March) - made some progress
-make and finish up a few more small gifts that I have planned for certain people - nope didn't do it at all

May's goals:
-more progress on the Wedding
-make progress on the baby annoucement
-start and finish at least the prototype of an obligation stitching project that I've been asked to do
-make and finish up certain little gifts I have planned for people.
-if possible make more progress on MST by Jeanette Douglas

I haven't stitched since at least Wednesday, so I won't have too much progress to post tomorrow - hopefully tonight after dinner I'll be able to get a good stretch in... (I'm starting to have withdrawl symptoms! LOL)

On to other news, we survived the weekend! We had a bunch of friends over to celebrate DH birthday, and Mother Nature even cooperated with us! It usually snows when ever we have a party (with the exception of our summer bbq's) and this time it was a beautiful sunny warm spring day! We had a great time, and it was so nice to be able to see everyone who was able to make it. Everyone has such busy lives, that sometimes its hard to "just get together" very often. These parties at least give us the excuse to be able to see each other!

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