hétfő, május 01, 2006

Here we go again...

I can't believe its Monday again! And the beginning of a month to boot! Let's hope that today isn't what the rest of the week or month will be like!

Anyways, stitching report! Its time to show what I did in the last week... well not as much as I had hoped, but there is a little visible progress... The picture isn't the greatest, but that is becuase I left it on the q-snaps and just sort of straightened the fabric out a bit. I did their faces and hands over two - didn't feel like recharting it for over one, and I think it looks okay this way - I'm not always fond of over one faces etc mixed in with over two stitching. I have to amit though, the pictures do the fabric no justice at all. The fabric is great, and I love it! I really need to just buy a yard of this stuff and just play.

I'm not sure what I'll continue with this week, I may just keep plugging along on this one or I may switch to something else... I haven't decided yet. When it comes time to sit down and stitch tonight, I just pick whatever grabs me at the time.

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