szerda, május 31, 2006

End of the month review and a small update...

Well its that time again, the end of another month! Where in the world did May go?? Anyways, I have to admit I didn't get the stitching I wanted to get done or even close to it! I did have a few happy dances, but nothing that was orginially planned.

Here are my goals in review:

May's goals:
-more progress on the Wedding - zero!
-make progress on the baby annoucement - zero again
-start and finish at least the prototype of an obligation stitching project that I've been asked to do - I've started it but haven't yet finished - too much frogging going on!
-make and finish up certain little gifts I have planned for people - zero again and the one I did finish and mail, still hasn't arrived at its destination! I really hope its not lost... it will be a month that I've mailed it... :(
-if possible make more progress on MST by Jeanette Douglas - once again big fat zero!

I'm not sure I should even make any goals for June! I think I won't and we'll see what I actually accomplish!

And now for a small update on me... not much is happening, work is okay, though for the last two days I've been home with some sort of crud (as well as more than a little bit of a black cloud over me) Tomorrow should hopefully be better and I'll be back to the grind. I always feel so guilty calling in (not that its often) but sometimes you just can't help it. Anyways, as I mentioned my wonderful black cloud seems to be back hanging over my head. It actually started last week, sort of a combination of a cloud of half black and half with a silver lining... well the silver lining disappeared yesterday and its now just a big old ugly black cloud. DH and I are working on something, and it just doesn't seem to want to work no matter what we do. Right now I'm getting tired and frustrated (both emotionally and physically) about the whole thing and just want to give up, however we'll try getting it to work one more time and then we'll sit down and see what other options we may have. I know I'm being fairly vague about what I'm talking about, but some of you already may have guessed, and those who haven't will have to wait a little longer before I spill the beans on here.

Anyways, all I want to do right now is go and hide away from the world for a little bit. If I disappear, at least you'll all know why I've gone for a bit.

That's it for now...

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