szombat, május 27, 2006

Coming up for air...

Oh, my how time flies when your having fun (not)! Its been so busy around here that I haven't even had time to think let alone do anything else I consider either fun or relaxing!

I think my poor friends think I've deserted them, its been so long since I've actually sat down to email or phone any of them, and I feel terrible about it. I really don't have a clue as to where the last week and half went??? We've been so busy with stuff lately - both outside of the house and the garden (last weekend) as well as with work, that I haven't been near the computer all that much as of late.

I had such great plans for stitching this last little while, and literally I haven't been able to sit down and stitch since I posted those happy dances. Okay I've put in a few stitches here and there, but nothing that adds up to any visible progress or happy dances. Hopefully with this weekend here we can get everything finished and organized and then finally (keeping my fingers crossed) everything will be back to normal and more relaxing in the next little while, and that I'll be able to get back to my stitching! Too many projects with deadlines, too little time!

If you haven't guessed by now, I did manage to get that temp full time position that I was posting about earlier... this past week was my first week on the job so to speak! Interesting... There are a lot of things that I still need to get the hang of, but the good thing is, that I already know the basics, since I've been working there casually for the last 2 1/2 almost 3 years now. I do have someone training me, but he is there more to just answer questions etc than to show me exactly what to do. It is nice to have my own desk, I don't have to wait for the surprise to hit to see who I'll be covering etc. I just now have to wait for the 6am people to pack their stuff up and move from my desk, as mine is one of the ones they use in the am. I'm also a happy camper with the job, becuase I have managed to trade out all of my 6am shifts with the exception of one week, which I am still working on, but that isn't till August! Now to just work on the couple weekends I have scheduled! Can't do weekends as we are more often than not busy with my "other job" - our volunteering at the Cultural Center. It does take up a lot of time, and for the most part we (both DH and I) enjoy it.

With everything that has been going on, we haven't been home much and our poor kitty feels deserted as well, even when we are home, she will walk into the middle of the foyer and meow at the top of her lungs, looking for us! But she has been getting lots of love and attention when we are home, so she should be able to forgive us soon!

Anyways, enough about me for now, I'm off to catch up with emails and phone calls!

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