hétfő, június 19, 2006

A post of pictures...

Continuing from my last post, let's see if blogger will let me show you my pictures!

First the garden from the weekend of the 10th... it literally looked like it snowed!

Here is my happy dance of the prototype, the final piece will be made into a banner and will be in the shape of our province of Alberta

The fabric itself is beautiful, but a pia to stitch on, but well worth the effort once its done. Its actually done over 4 and comes out to roughly a bit bigger than over 2 on 28ct. I'm using DMC 311 for it. I like the way it looks and I'm glad the orgainzers do as well. I was a bit worried before I showed them!

Here is my progress on the wedding piece. Its coming along, but still so far from being finished!

3 megjegyzés:

Jenn írta...

Goodness.... is that cottonwood fluff???

katica írta...

Yes it is! Thank goodness the lawn doesn't look like that anymore thanks to the rain, but the stuff is still coming down off the trees and floating everywhere... I'll take a picture of the trees in the neighbourhood to show you

M írta...

Hi there. Isn't spring a lovely time of the year?!! Allergies and hayfever and pollen, oh my. :o) I love your prototype. I commend you on the wedding piece, I saw a finished one 4 sale on Ebay t'other day, it will be incredible when done, and I'm sure cherished.