szerda, augusztus 09, 2006

Late night blogging update..

Well I tried but I failed... I tried to get the stitching done for my niece's wedding piece but I am still far from finishing. I did get quite a bit of progress in, but not close enough to finish. I promise I will take a picture as soon as possible to show where I am... right now I am cameraless as my brother and cousins are here from Europe and they are off to Vancouver for a few days and borrowed my camera.

Right now though, with a heavy heart, I have to put aside the wedding piece, and start back on my other obligation stitching that needs to be done by October... once those are done, then its back to the wedding piece so I can at least get it done for them for Christmas...

Its funny, I know they don't know about the stitching, okay they have an idea, as its me we're talking about, but for aruguement's sake they don't know about it, and I still feel like a complete failure... this is the first piece that had a deadline that I gave myself that I didn't meet... I've had other pieces where I thought I would give it to the recipient on a certain date and didn't make it, and changed the giving date, but those didn't bother me as much as this has... I wonder why this one bugs me so much... Oh well, nothing I can do now, the reception was this past weekend, and we all had a great time, and the stitching will be done later...

for now good night!

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fel a fejjel! Lesz egy másik alkalomra meglepetés nekik, amikor már nem számítanak rá! Pl. kéthónapos évfordulóra, vagy karácsonyra!