csütörtök, november 16, 2006

Craft night with the girls...

What a great night! We had our first of hopefully many to come craft nights last night at Elsie's house and we all did different crafts - two out of the four painted and two stitched - can you guess which one I did?

Anyways, here are my progress pictures: I worked on a Bent Creek design - Halloween Cracker, as it was already started and I had no clue what I wanted to take with me, since I haven't stitched since Oct27th due to straining/spraining the tendons in my hands. Trust me I've been going nuts! The biscornu I finished on the long weekend was the only stitching I have done since then... anyways I digress... here are my pictures from last night:

Not too much progress, but not bad considering we did lots of giggling, eating etc and just having fun in general! Elsie has already finished her project, and I am looking forward to the others posting pictures of their progress as well. However Elsie has said that if we don't put our pictures up ourselves, she will put them up for us... so either way I'll (you'll) be able to see what we've been up to!

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Shannon L. írta...

LOL I'm surprised you got that much done :) Cute design, btw.