hétfő, november 20, 2006

Stitching, stands and trailers...

Okay so its not all that late but thought I would quickly blog a bit anyways...

I've actually done it, I've pulled out a WIP from my list on the side bar of my blog - I pulled out my niece's wedding piece that I didn't get done in August, in time for the reception. I was thinking I would try and get it done for Christmas, as I have the frame and everything, but I'm seriously having some doubts.

My hands are still not 100% and I am trying to take it easy and not stitch too much - I've only started stitching a bit again since the long weekend, but I don't think finishing this will be a possiblity. At least not for Christmas. I guess I'll work on it slowly and finish it in time for their 1st wedding anniversary. I do also have some small obligation stitching that I will need to get done before Christmas, but the stuff for it hasn't arrived yet, so I can't do anything on that until it does arrive! Till then I guess a few stitches here and there in the wedding dress and relaxing my hands are in order... I'll post a newer progress picture later when there is actually something to see!

I am looking into getting myself a stand for my cross stitch, so that I won't have to hold my q-snaps in hand - as that is what is causing the problems, but I just can't decide... I'm down to two, and they are fairly similar, but still would love some advice if anyone has some on them. The two I'm looking at are: Ergo by Artisan Designs and the StitchMate by the Cozy Cottage - I am sort of leaning towards the StitchMate, but we'll see... still lots to think about and look into regarding both! They are quite the investment so I don't want to make the wrong decision... So if anyone has any advice, recomendations, pros or cons about either one or even about a different stand that I haven't even thought of, I would love to hear from you...

I also broke down (yeah right, like you really had to twist my rubber arm) and did a little stash shopping for myself - my late birthday gift,(one of my exeptions for the 50 project challenge)...I was a good girl though, as if you look at my mile long wish list at webshots, I didn't do too much damage! I ordered from Stitching Bits and Bobs and got the following:

So overall I didn't do too bad. I got what I wanted, but still didn't blow the budget! Now to be patient and see when it will arrive, maybe in time for Christmas, and then I can just put it under the tree for myself! LOL!!

On to other news, the new Harry Potter trailer is up, and it looks good! Yes, I admit it I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I've read all 6 books numerous times, as well as the first 4 in Hungarian! I gave my Hungarian ones away to my nieces in Hungary, but I will get myself the entire collection again to go with my English ones...If you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend them, they are a fun read. I also have all the movies, and have watched them more than once as well... I am really looking forward to the newest movie which is due out next July 13. We don't go to the movies (big screen) all that often, but this is one we will definitey go and see....(at least once)

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Elsie írta...

I don't know anything about stands. But I do like the look of the Ergo one. I also like the pieces you ordered.

I too can't wait for the movie!!

Shannon L. írta...

I love the new stash you ordered ! You've got great taste :)

As for stands. I have arthritis and tendinitis, so a stand is a must-have for me. I bought Artisan's Elan lapstand about 10 years ago and absolutely adore it. Their craftsmanship is really good. I use my Qsnaps with it - right up to 17x17 size, without any special clamp. Some people add in a piece of foam to secure it a bit more.

My best advice is to think about the way you stitch and envision the motion of your arms with the stand. If you're using a floor stand, try to make sure it has a wide range of motion so you can get the piece as close to you as you'd like. And that it works with your furniture. Because I sit curled up with my legs under me, etc. I haven't found a floor stand that works well with my position - and with my current furniture. Once I do (or get new furniture lol) - I'll definitely buy a floorstand !

HasturTorres írta...

Unless I am travelling or at a meeting I never hold the hoops, q-snaps, or scroll frames in hand. My stand has been one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.
I have the Stitching Gazelle 2 floor stand by Artisan. I love it. I stitch in a sliding rocking chair and the Gazelle has enough movement options that I can get into a comfortable position. The lap stand might be better for you depending on how you stitch. The scroll frames that artisan makes are bit expensive but really nice (once you get the hang of streching your fabric properly) and you don't have to staple or sew your fabric on to it. I can also use q-snaps with it. If you have a Hobby Lobby close by some of them carry the Artisan stuff and you can use the 40% off coupon.