szerda, november 01, 2006

Don't forget to...

... light a candle for your loved ones. Today is All Saint's Day, and we just got back from the cemetery and lighting candles for our family and friends there. There were a few other candles lit, but nothing compared to when we lived in Europe.

That is one thing (one of the many) that I miss from when we lived in Hungary - All Saint's Day and going to the cemeteries (have lots of relatives there who passed on) at night to light their candles. The cemeteries themselves were just so beautiful, all lit up with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of tiny little specks of light glowing in the darkness...just breath taking.

While still living there, my husband and I had to go to Poland for business and the city/town we had to go to was not far from Auschwitz (yes the infamous concentration camp) and so we went to see it, and what a sight, especially because by fluke we happen to go on November 1st. It was completely lit up with candles, the gas chambers, the crematorium everything. As terrible of a place as it was/is, it was still a beautiful sight to behold, all those candles burning in memory of those who parished. I do have some pictures but we were there pre digital days and they are buried in a box somewhere. Our drive back to Hungary that evening was spectacular as well, going through all the towns and seeing all the cemeteries that were beside the roadside all lit up.

As strange as it sounds, if you have the opportunity to go to Europe in the fall, and can be there for All Saint's day, go! Go and see the cemetaries... It is something you will never forget.

Anyways, I'm off to light my candles here at home now too... have a good night!

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Butterfly írta...

Missy you always seem to remind me that no matter where we are born it's our roots that show us what are values and responsibilities are. Once again it's the younger teaching the older.......... Love ya always Butterfly.

Karen írta...

I'd love to see a candlelit cemetary. Too bad they don't do things like that here in New York. I'm sure Auschwitz was very moving, too.

Karen írta...

I'm assigning you the letter "B."

I purposefully avoided the Pay it Forward post--sorry. I've actually been avoiding it on everyone's blog. My Dad's health hasn't been the best, and I don't want to commit to anything just now. Looking forward to seeing your list of B-words! :)