kedd, november 14, 2006

Things beginning with B...

aka Alphabet Soup... I requested a letter from Karen and she gave me the letter B. I had to come up with 10 words beginning with my assigned letter and what they mean to me... it took a few days, but here we go!

1. Balance - not enough of it in my life right now, I'm doing too much for others and not enough for myself or my family, that will have to change in sometime in the future...

2. Books - one of my passions. Thanks to my parents, specifically my mom, instilled in me a love of reading and for when I was young, and it still continues to this day. There is nothing like a brand new book - the smell, the feel of the pages between your hands, its great. Just come and look at my book collection!

3. Beauty - there is beauty in all of us and all around us, you just have to take the time to see it, and I try to do that each and every day, both with the people I know and meet, and in my surroundings

4. Black kitties - or more specifically my black kitty - how one little kitty can bring so much joy is beyond me, but she does, by her silly antics, her loud and loving purr and everything else she does

5. Bears - love 'em, can't get enough of them!- all sorts, teddy bears, real bears all of them...they just make me smile

6. Best friends - I have to admit I am blessed (another "b" word) in that I can say I have several wonderful people in my life who I can say are my best friends. Thanks to you all, love you all lots!

7. Bubble baths - love them, but don't have them enough - lately I've been a shower girl, and I miss my "my time" relaxing in the tub

8. Baking - I know how to bake a couple of things, but I can't say I really know how to bake. I am in awe of those people who know how. Its something I would like to learn how to do

9. Backsides - both mine and that of my stitching! I love to learn new tricks/techiniques to make my stitching neater, and having a neat backside is one of them, as for my own, it needs working on...and we'll just leave it at that!

10. Blogs - a wonderful way of keeping in touch, learning new things, venting to keep your sanity and especially of making new friends. I love reading blogs...

and last but not least a bonus word

Biscornu! (aka 8 sided pin cushion) I just finished up my very first one today - and yes I did the finishing! DH who is the sewing expert didn't help at all except at the end when I couldn't figure out how to end the thread after attaching the buttons! Even he was impressed! This makes finish #23 out of my 50 project challenge. I used some unknown count and type of off white fabric I had in my stash - but it was great fabric to work with, and Splendor silks #S882

(Blogger is not letting me post pictures right now so I'll try again later...)

If you would like a letter just ask, I'm more than happy to help out!

In my previous post I did the pay it forward, and several of you commented or emailed that you would like to do it but purposefully avoided commenting on that post becuase you have no time to commit or for other various reasons. I would like to just say, for me it isn't so much that you have to blog about it, and get more people, but more the pay it forward part. If you would like a crafted item from me, but don't have time to blog etc about it, please still ask/comment. There are many other ways to pay it foward that you can do with family and friends - either privately or publically - its just up to your imagination...

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Névtelen írta...

What a cool idea... Life by the letters. I'll have to steal from ya!

Hope to see you this weekend! Love ya!


Butterfly írta...

you forgot Butterflies -beautiful and free.

Melissa írta...

Congrats on finishing your first biscornu! I can't wait to see a pic. :-)