szombat, január 13, 2007

A little fun...

I will be posting my stitching progress hopefully on Monday, I've been good and have been faithfully plugging along on the wedding. I'm actually quite impressed with my progress! However I do have to say that I am getting quite tired of stitching with all white!

Anyways, I've also been thinking as to what I will be stitching next week... do I go back to the peonies, or do I work on one of my other WIPS/UFO's?? Or something completly different? I'm going to go for something completely different! I have a few gifts I need to do (yes the procrastintor in me is showing its ugly head) so I am going to have a go at those next week, and I'll see how I do!

And now on to some fun... I saw this on another blog who's thoughts I read and thought I would give it a go...


You look for balance and harmony, anxious, devoted. Often rash and impatient.
Colors: male: yellow ochre, female: grey
Compatible Signs:
Sekhmet, Horus
Jul 14 - Jul 28, Sep 23 - Sep 27, Oct 3 - Oct 17
Role: Goddess of cats, women, and secrets
Cat or cat-headed woman
Sacred animals:

What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
Designed by CyberWarlock of Warlock's Quizzles and Quandaries

I think that is quite interesting and quite fitting...that this is the Goddess of Cats and my sacred animal is the cat! When I read it I literally laughed out loud!

I tried to do the Tarot card one as well, and came up with the Empress but the code wouldn't paste properly for some reason... Oh well... it was fun!

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