szerda, február 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well the day is almost over, but Happy Valentine's day to you all! Hope you all had a wonderful day however you spent it! Laci and I had a nice quiet evening at home just the two of us, and it was nice... Dad surprised me by getting me a beautiful orchid plant - I hope I don't kill the poor thing and a beautiful card that made me cry! All in all it was a great evening... the day wasn't too bad, but can't say it was fun, as I spent it at work!

Last Friday we had a guest performer from Hungary here, Berecz Andras (folklorist, storyteller and singer) and the show he did was great, it was just too bad that not more people showed up... more people came than I originally expected, but still there wasn't that many, and its sad that someone of his calibre comes here and can only get such a small crowd, while he is sold out each and every weekend in Hungary. Oh well, those of us who were there enjoyed ourselves, and it was wonderful seeing him again! He is going to be having a special show for his 50th birthday this year in June, I so wish we could go and see it - I'm sure its going to be fantastic!!!

In other news, I finished off another project for my challenge - can't show you a progress pictures, as it is a gift for someone who reads my blog! Now just to finish it into what it is supposed to be! Hopefully with it being a long weekend this weekend, I'll be able to get some finishing in, or I should say hubby maybe able to get some in! LOL Don't worry once recieved, I'll post pictures, so you can see I'm not just bluffing! This week, I've pulled out the wedding piece for my niece again, and so far so good, I'm making good progress! So at least next week, I'll be able to show off a progress picture!

Other stitching news, the Nashville Market just ended, and there are a few things that just came out that are definite additions to the wish list... I haven't actually added them, but I will. Stitching Bits and Bobs has a pretty good list of what came out, and I'm not sure why, as they are not the normal style of design that I would stitch, but the four girls by Carriage House Samplings - Elizabeth, Mary Margaret, Molly, and Suzannah really caught my eye. As I said they are not the normal style that I usually stitch, but still, I can see them finished as throw pillows or something to that effect, if I had more wall space, I would even say framed! Weird!! I think its time to go through the ole' stash and thin it out a bit, and make some serious decisions as to whether or not I'm going to ever stitch some of the stuff I have in there!

On my reading challenge, I finished Da Vinci Code quite sometime ago, I just keep forgetting to change the picture to what I'm reading now! I've got Kathy Reichs' Bare Bones going right now. I tried to read "The Secret History of Lucifer" and it is interesting, just a little dry for bedtime reading, so I'm going to switch that one out, and maybe if I can finish reading it later as an extra credit book! So with that switch, I'm down to only 9 books, but I went shopping and picked up a new one, which I will add to my list - "Abundance" by Sena Jeter Naslund - its another one on Mari Antoinette - I seem to be stuck in the historical fiction genre right now, which is weird for me, as normally I don't read these kinds of books... Go figure!

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Juls írta...

Let us know how you like Abundance! Did you read "Ahab's Wife" It was great!!! I highly recommend it.

The Silver Thistle írta...

I read Da' Vinci code a while back and loved it! I think I love his 'Angels and Demons' even better though.

I'm just finished 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and can't say I loved it, but it was still worth reading.

I'm just about to start 'The Kitchen Boy' which is about the Russian Tsar and Tsarina and how the Romanov family saga ended. It's fiction of course but I love all that historical fiction.