hétfő, február 19, 2007

Stash, kitties and good thoughts

Well its the long weekend here and thank goodness! Its been another busy weekend, and today is basically the only day we have to just relax, or so we thought... but I'll get back to that...

E and I signed up for a canvas work class, and on Saturday we went to pick up the materials. While we were there, we each managed to do a little extra stash shopping from the Nashville releases that were there, but I was a good girl, I didn't buy all that much - pattern wise, money wise is another thing altogether! Boy this class is going to be so expensive! Okay I knew it wouldn't be cheap, but I was not thinking it would be as expensive as it actually is! It will be beautiful in the end, and worth it, but plopping down that huge amount all at once was a bit daunting! But it's done, and paid for, and now to just wait to start! I have to wait till two threads come in before I can actually start the border for it... hopefully they will arrive soon and then I can get a head start on it.

One thing I/we were thing though, is that they should put an approximate price for the materials when they advertise the class. Most people will still do it, but then they won't get such a sticker shock at the till. I know I would have still done the class had I known ahead how much it would have been, but then at least I would have been better prepared for it.

Anyways, no big deal! From the nashville releases, I got Quaker Cat and Mouse by the Workbasket, a new one from Elizabeth's Designs - which I won't show a picture of becuase it will be a gift for a special someone who reads my blog, the Awesome Apple Seed Needlebook by Jeanette Douglas, and Ladybug House by Lilybet Designs (still need the buttons for that one). So that is all of my new stash! I know I said I wasn't going to get anything till my 50 project challenge was done, but I cheated a little and got a little stash to mark/celebrate passing the halfway mark of my challenge! (at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Back to our supposedly relaxing day... my kitty hasn't been herself for the last little while, but we didn't really think anything of it, as she is getting up there in years - she is 9 going on 10 this year, and she was eating/drinking/using the litterbox all regularly so it was all okay. So we thought... Since at least Friday she hasn't used the litter box at all that we could tell, she has been hardly eating and is very lethargic and almost seems like she is in pain when she moves... She surprised us on Sunday morning by using (barely) the litter box and eating up a storm, but things this morning were back to what they were like on Saturday... so we packed her up and off we went to the emergency hospital this morning to check her out... after spending the entire morning there, we found out that she has 5 huge (and I mean huge) bladder stones that will require surgery to remove them! They also found out that one of her kidney's is larger than the other one, and it has some spots on it that could either be calcification or more stones in the making! My poor kitty! Since she was stable, the hospital let her come home, and tomorrow its off to her regular vet for blood work, and pre op assesment and maybe even surgery as soon as tomorrow!

So I'd like to ask for some good healing thoughts for my kitty that everything goes smoothly with her surgery and once she is rid of these then it will be the last of it and she will be back to her normal self...

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Zsuzsa írta...

Sorry to hear about your cat. We had bad news about my mom's cat (csufi; she died last Thursday-she was 17 years. Probably around age 9 or 10, she also had stones. No problem. They were removed and she was back to her usual self. My happy thoughts are with you.

Jenn írta...

I'm sorry about your kitty. I'm sending good thoughts your (and her) way tomorrow.

Blissful Loser írta...

Sending good kitty thoughts to you!! I'm sure that she's going to be just fine. You sound like you had a great stash shopping day. booo hooo! I'm so sorry that I couldn't go. Next time though!!!