kedd, február 06, 2007

My peonies are blooming!

I finally managed to do a little stitching last week, at least enought that warrants a progress picture!

I am so enjoying stitching this piece, in fact I haven't enjoyed one so much in a long time! Okay I love all my stitching, but I haven't had one for a while that makes me want to drop everything and just stitch on it till its done for a while, and that is exactly what this piece does to me! I just love the colours!

Anyways, this week's rotation is another gift, for yet another friend who reads my blog, so again no progress pictures... We'll see how long the actual stitching takes me - as we have found out its the actual finishing that takes me forever, and if I have time to squeeze it in this week, I'll continue working on the peonies, otherwise next week its back to the wedding piece!

3 megjegyzés:

helen írta...

Én is így éreztem végig, míg hímeztem a bazsarózsáimat!

Linda írta...

I love the Peonies, would you tell me where I can get the graft, (name, designer..etc.) Also what holds your hoop? Looks like that would be such eaiser to stitch, (using both hands. Thank you for your help.
email address..LindaWagoner@Triad.rr.com

Fran írta...

I have been longing to buy Pink Peonies for ages. Your lovely work has inspired me.