vasárnap, február 04, 2007

Super Bowl Stitching...

While the guys at our house were watching the game, I got some great stitching time in... I managed to finish a cute little freebie by Elizabeth's Designs

I stitched it on 28ct cameo peach joblean, and changed all the required threads, as I don' t have any silk mori... I used Six Sweet Strands - quiet chai for the word Love, DMC 730 for the leaves and vine, DMC 814 for the flower petals and hearts and DMC 781 for the flower's middle. It will be for Laci, more than likely for Valentine's day, but I have no idea how I'll finish it yet, maybe I'll just let him figure out something for it. (not sure why the picture came out all funky like that but click on it for a better view)

One more down on the 50 project challenge! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For the rest of the night, I plan on going back to work on my peonies... that way maybe I'll have a progess picture I can post tomorrow!

Forgot to add one more thing to my weird list... I can't believe I forgot this one, Laci reminded me of it when I told him of the post...so here is #7, which should have actually been number 1!

I am very annal when it comes to money... all the heads on the bills need to face the same direction, and if I'm counting a large amount (not mine, but when I was treasurer at our community hall) if there were the old style bills mixed in with the new style bills, they all have to be separated and each style put together, with the old one ontop of the new (with the heads all facing the same way of course!)

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Jenn írta...

What a sweet finish. I'm finding a lot of V-Day pieces that I want to do lately. I'm going to have to add this one to my list. :)

Eclectic Optimist írta...

I love your "LOVE" cross-stitch. It's beautiful

The Silver Thistle írta...

I must be weird too, because I do exactly the same thing with paper money,lol.

And if there's different values, they have to be in order from low to high too (in addition to all the other stuff)