szerda, május 30, 2007

Cooking 101

I think I've failed cooking 101, actually I don't think I have, I know I have!

Both my parents can cook. Mom was a great cook, and cooked mainly Hungarian food. She could look into the fridge and with a bunch of unrelated things could make a fantastic meal. Dad is almost the same. He is a good cook too, but his tastes are more gourmet than Hungarian.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a "konyha tunder" (aka kitchen fairy) by any means, but there are a few certain dishes that I can make, and pretty good, and then that is it! I somehow missed out on the cooking gene from both my parents when I was born!

I was surfing the internet today, and found a quote that suits me perfectly:

I'm not what you would consider a 'natural' in the kitchen. I have to start with
a published recipe before striking out on my own. For me, cooking is akin to
elephants making love:
A.) It requires a tremendous amount of preparation,
B.) It takes a long time to consummate, and
C.) Success often comes only after repeated attempts.
(taken from
the Hungry Hungarian)

Many people who know me, will also atest to the fact that I'm very lucky in that I really don't need to cook, my dad and hubby do 90% of the cooking here at home. There is the odd time that they get me to make something, but those times are few and far between. I will agree with them, I am lucky, but its not becuase I can't or won't cook, my dad just has very fussy tastes and is very picky with what he likes to eat, and the things I know how to make are mainly Hungarian dishes - stuffed peppers, rakott krumpli (a layed potato dish) etc. and he isn't too fond of those. So we have a good arrangement.

However, I have to admit there are times when even the things I do know how to make, are a gamble! Take for instance my fozelek...any kind. Its a 50-50 toss up, as to whether or not my rantas (aka roux) will be good enough to actually thicken properly or not! W
hen I make krumpli fozelek - we joke as to whether or not we will have fozelek or soup! That is something no matter how many times I make it (the rantas/roux) I can never get it right!

If I'm ever going to be half the cook that my parents are/were, I'm going to have to wish really hard, and hope that the konyha tunder really does exist and comes and grants me a couple of wishes!

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