hétfő, május 28, 2007

Monday Madness

Phew what a day! I don't know where the heck it went! Work went by so fast (both good and bad- it was payroll, plus we moved, so it was very chaotic all day) But we survived, and hopefully things will calm down in the next few days as people get used to where we are now and what number to call etc.

On a stitching update - I didn't get really any stitching done on the weekend, but thought I would show off my progress on my peonies from the last week of stitching (okay, really 4 day/evening's worth)

Here it is before (last stitched on around March 5th) and as of last night

Its coming along nicely, I'm going to stick with this one for another week, and then we'll see - I really need to get my weekly rotation back on track... as come June 1st the Hungarian SAL, the newest pattern comes out, as well as the first Saturday (June 2) I have my canvas and beadwork project/class to go to...

3 megjegyzés:

Jenn írta...

Very Pretty! It looks great.

bucilla írta...

Csodás lesz!!! Imádom a bazsarózsát:)

Cimpulusz írta...

oh de szép lesz)csak nem Évitől lested a témát!?;)