szerda, június 13, 2007

Stitching update...

Things have been busy around here so I haven't had too much to post about, we had a huge rain storm last Tuesday and there was major flooding, road closures and damage thoughout the city. You can see some if the pictures in my webshots album - link is in the side bar - in the "weather June 5" album. You can see what the storm did at our house as well. Right now we are still trying to figure out how to remove the tree, as it would take a good 3 weeks before the professionals could even come and do an estimate and then another 3 weeks before it would actually be removed! The good thing is that no one was hurt or injured, and there is minimal damage to the house from it. So we were very lucky.

My stitching update, I have a happy dance to share - I actually finished it last week either Tuesday or Wednesday night, I just haven't had a chance to share yet. I finished off the LHN - Strawberries over one. I really enjoyed using the Crescent Colours that came with the chart.

This picture is taken without a flash (inside the house) becuase at least this way the white flowers and the bunnies tails show up! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So I'm now 2/25 in the challenge! Though I do have to admit I did get some stash in the mail today, but it was all ordered before I re-started my challenge, so it doesn't count towards falling off. My Just Nan ladybug finally arrived, and a couple of other little bits with it.

My other stitching update is on my canvas and beadwork piece, I'm almost done the second box (have to wait for the next class to finish that one, as the beading instructions for that particular row are not all that clear) and I've done a bunch on the third square as well. (yes two beads are facing the wrong direction in the center of the third box and they will be fixed - I noticed after the picture was taken)

I haven't decided what I'm going to work on for the rest of the week, I really shoud either work on the SAL with the Hungarian blogging ladies or my peonies, but neither is calling to me at the moment, I feel like starting something new!

4 megjegyzés:

Edda írta...

I just love the LHN - Strawberries. It is very pretty.

helen írta...

Csodás ez az lhn minta! Még nem is láttam! Gratula!
Majd muti azokat a szépséges just nan mintákat meg a bitseket is :) Jó?

Egyébként bennem is ott a kisördög! Bár van sok megkezdettem, mégis: valami újat szeretnék :D

Jennifer írta...

The beadwork is lovely!! And the strawberries piece is very cute!

Cherry írta...

Nagyon klassz az epres minta! Ez is olyan kis finom minike. :) A másikra is nagyon kiváncsi vagyok, igéretesen indul nagyon.