kedd, június 26, 2007

Time sure flies when you're busy!

Wow! Where on earth did the time go? I have no clue, as seriously nothing thrilling happened over the last couple of weeks, other than work being very busy.
We had a bbq over the weekend - a sort of pre-Canada day party Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket, as most people go out of town for the long weekend, so we thought we would have it before. It was great, we had a good time, and I hope those who were there enjoyed themselves, though I do have to admit, certain people who couldn't make it were definitely missed! (next time). Some friends of ours got a new puppy, and brought him along as well, and he had a great time running around the yard! (he's such a cutie! - just don't let my kitty hear that!) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And surprise surprise, the weather sort of cooperated with us. It did rain a little Saturday, but it stopped by the time the guests started to arrive, and it was nice enough to sit outside for the duration of the evening, albeit a bit on the chilly side for the end of June. As most people will atest to, normally (9/10 times) if we have a party of some sort, the weather will never cooperate, it will either rain or snow (yes even in April or May), so the weather on Saturday was pretty good, considering our track record!

Now for a stitching update! Last post, I was undecided, as to whether or not I would work on an already started project or start something new, well something new won out in the end. I didn't go shopping or anything, just something new from my stash... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I started on Sonata by Abbey Lane Designs, and I'm doing it over one on 25ct pearl linen (at least that is what they told me it was in the LNS when I bought the fabric) and I'm using Glorianna silk in Sage... here is my progress after about 4 days of stitching

I normally prefer "evenweaves" over linen as I dont like the slubs or the feel of most linen, but this one, I'm enjoying! It has no slubs!!! and I'm really enjoying the "rustic" look of the fabric as well.
And now on to a happy dance...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I'm going to count each month as a finish for the challenge, so that would bring my total up to 4 (as I didn't coun't May's towards the challenge yet) I finished this month's installment on the SAL with the Hungarian blogging ladies! Here is this month's as well as the whole thing...

Not quite sure what I'll continue working on this week, but more than likely go back to Sonata and maybe even finish....

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