szombat, július 14, 2007

Where does the time go???

I swear the days are just flying by! First July just started, and I turn around and its already almost the middle of the month! Stampede is almost over, and other than going for a bit during sneek-a-peek we haven't gone, and it doesn't look like we will be going again!

Anyways, last week was my niece and her husband's first wedding anniversary, and we finally were able to give them their wedding sampler I stitched for them! Here is a picture of the finished project, the colours in the picture are a bit off, as the outside mat is more grey than it looks, and its also not the greatest picture, it was quite difficult to get one without any reflection! I also took a close up of the frame (I really like the frame, and need to get something for myself done with it!)

I haven't had much stitching time in the last little while, and when I did stitch I was working on Sonata, and I'm almost at the finish line with it. I'm stitching it over 1 on 25ct pearl linen with Gloriana silk in sage.
Please ignore all the little dots/knots all over the place, as they are my waste knots and I'll be getting rid of all of those once I'm finished.

Onto other stuff, we haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie, but you can bet that we will be going sometime soon. I really want to see it, but I'll wait a bit for the crowds to go down a bit. I'm also looking forward to next weekend, when the new book comes out. I've preordered it and got the special delivery for it to get here on the Saturday it comes out. Right now I have started re-reading the rest of the books, till it gets here, but I'll have to hurry up if I want to finish them in time for the new books arrival!

And one last picture just becuase. I took this just over a month ago, while downtown and thought it looked neat...

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Juls írta...

Love that frame it is beautiful and suits the piece so well! How did your niece like her present? It is beautiful!

Timici írta...

gyönyörűséges az esküvős képed és csodás a keretezése is, gratulálok!