hétfő, augusztus 27, 2007

just a quick update

No happy dances this time, but I have been working on my canvas and beading project, as the classes will be coming to a close sometime in the couple of months, and a new class (that I signed up for with one of my stitching buddies) will be starting

This isn't the best picture, and I'm not finished all the blocks, I'm still missing the ultra suede that needs to be added in the middle three boxes and one beaded flower in the left box (I managed to break it when I was trying to attach it! - now to just figure out exactly how I managed to make them in the first place!)

5 megjegyzés:

zsuzsa írta...

ez nagyon szép! Olyan nagyon szép, letisztult az egész a kék-fehér miatt!
Ilyet nekem is készíteni kell(lene)!

Clinique-Bogi írta...

Kedvenc színem a kék. ;-) Csodálatos lett (mint mindig)!

KaLu írta...

wow! its sooo pretty!

Cherry írta...

Szép és különleges lesz!

The Silver Thistle írta...

Long time, no 'see'!

You've been busy, busy, busy! This is coming on in leaps and bounds. It was just the border last time I remember, lol