vasárnap, augusztus 19, 2007

Here we are again, another week down

And another happy dance to report!

This one is Sunflower Charms by Blackbird Designs (Loose Feathers Pattern #15) I did a few changes as I did't stitch my initials with the four sided stitch in the alphabet, and I didn't add the date on the bottom.... but other than that its stitched as charted with the recommended colours, I really love the whisky weeks thread used on the sunflowers and the loden weeks thread on the stems... definite buys for future uses... I stitched it over 2 on 25ct natural pearl linen... I'm not sure as to what I'll do with it just yet, but I really enjoyed stitching it!

Other than that nothing new to report... everything is quite on the blogging front...

2 megjegyzés:

Clinique-Bogi írta...

Igazi augusztusi hangulat. Nagyon szép. Kár, hogy nem értem, amit mellé írsz, de majd kiszótárazgatom egyszer. :-)

Elsie írta...

I really like this - you sure have been busy and getting lots of pieces done - they all look great.