szerda, április 23, 2008

Handmade gifts and stitching

While on our vacation, I was the lucky recipient of several handmade gifts, each made with love and each one just as beautiful as can be. I feel somewhat guilty as I didn't take anything with me to give back... oh well in time!

The first few are from Evi, who crocheted me a beautiful scarf! (please correct me if I'm wrong, did you knit it or crochet it?) The yarn(thread) she used is so soft, it makes you just want to snuggle up in it! Good thing too considering the lovely spring weather we have here at the moment! I've included a close up so you can see the detail.

The next one is from Kriszti - a beautifully stitched box. Lanarte's black and white tulips is the pattern and one of my favourites - its large counterpart is sitting in my stash waiting to be stitched, and she even personalized it with my name! This is definitely going to hold some treasures for me!

The gifts from Evi and Kriszti were given to me while we were at the cross stitch get together. Again thank you ladies for your thoughtfulness and the beautiful gifts you gave me!

The next couple of photos are of a couple of gifts I recieved from our friends in Erdely (Translyvainia), the first is a purse for a night out on the town, all hand sewn and each bead hand stitched on, and the second is of a smaller little purse and necklace, again all hand sewn and hand beaded.

Last but not least, I have been doing some stitching since being home... I've caught up with my Bent Creek SAL and have April's all complete...

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helen írta...

Szívesen :) Sok estémet töltötte ki, nagyon szerettem csinálni. Kötés közben is puha és kellemes fogású volt.
A sál egyébként kötött (knitted), és az alsó képen a visszáját lehet látni :)

Névtelen írta...

I'll be visiting Budapest this July. Are there any cross stitch shops nearby or places to see Hungarian embroidery? Adele (Adika)