szerda, április 23, 2008

Where to start

There are so many things to write about - our trip, the things we did on our trip, some stitching etc that I just don't know where to start!

I've been ill since we've been home, actually I've been sick since the second week of April, while we were still on vacation. But I've been to the dr's twice, once while on vacation and once since we've been home, and I'm on round two of antibiotics and these ones finally sort of seem to be doing the trick! So hopefully I'll be back to 100% shortly!

I've been trying to upload pictures into my webshots album (click on "Blogs I read" to get to the link) and its not been easy. For some reason it just isn't cooperating with me and the upload is going very slowly. I do have some pictures up so please do go look. And keep checking back, as I will be uploading a little more each day.

One of the things we did while we were in Hungary, was I dragged my husband and my neice to a cross stitch get together. The Hungarian cross stitch board that I read has a get together every month, with roughly every second one being in Budapest. Since we were there when they had one, I thought it would be neat to go. I've uploaded pictures from there to webshots already, so you can check those out.

My favourite part of going to the get together was being able to meet up with a couple of internet friends who I've been emailing with for the last little while, but haven't yet had the chance to meet (Evi and Kriszti). I was also able to meet up with a few new friends as well, who's names I recongized from the board but hadn't "talked with" outside the board before (Polly, Nina, Szeci,Yola and a couple of others whose names escape me!). It was great. Hopefully when we go again to Hungary we'll be able to meet up with our friends again.

I want to thank all three of the ladies in the pictures (Polly, Evi and Kriszti) for taking me under their wing! I freely admit that I am definitely more talkative in email/online than I am in person! It was a pleasure to meet you and spend a wonderful afternoon together. Hopefully next time it will be longer!

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