hétfő, június 23, 2008

flowers all around

Well the garden is slowly starting to bloom... we're a little behind everyone as our yard tends to get mainly the morning sun, so it takes a little longer for the flowers to actually bloom.

So far we have a couple of irises and a poppy that has bloomed

The fourth picture is of one of the begonias in the boxes on the deck.

I also have a little mini happy dance to share... I finished off (the stitching anyways) of the small blackbird that was also in the Winter Delivery pattern, I'll be making it into either a pincushion or just a small stuffed ornament type thing a little later - hence the backstitched border...

My brother and nieces also arrived safely on Friday, we've been having a great time with them here so far, though I know they just arrived, time is already going by so fast that they will be having to leave soon! My brother was kind enough to go shopping for me for some fabric in Budapest. Fabric that the all the Hungarian girls have been talking about, and now I know why! Its beautiful and he was nice enough to bring me 3 huge pieces in three different colours. Not sure just what I'll be doing with it but I know I'll find something.

And last but not least I have a framing happy dance to share... DH just finished framing this for me, my canvas and bead project. It will be one of my two entries in the Stampede this year.

3 megjegyzés:

Karen írta...

The flowers are so pretty!!

Judilla írta...

Gyönyörűek a virágok! És klassz lett az új design:))

Clinique-Bogi írta...

A virágaid álomszépek! A gyöngyös hímzésed pedig igazán hozzávaló keretet kapott! Csodálatos.