csütörtök, június 19, 2008

dancing under the stars

Happy dance time! I just finished stitching Winter Delivery by Blackbird Designs... I still need to add the beads but haven't decided on a colour yet. There is a smaller blackbird design also included in the pattern so I am going to try and stitch that up quickly as well before sending it off to the next stitcher in the SAR.

"Winter Delivery" Blackbird Designs, stitched on 32ct SMF Cranberry using all GAST thread. (the black dmc 310 was changed to GAST Raven that I happen to have on hand). I also didn't add the date or my initials but added a few extra "snowflakes" instead.

I have also updated the look of my blog, hope you like it. I wanted it a bit more "springy" as the other template was a bit dark for the season.

My nieces and brother arrive tomorrow (today since its after midnight) and I'm so excited that they are going to be here for most of the summer! Not sure how much stitching or blogging I'll be doing in the next little while, but I will try and do as much of both as I can while they are here.

4 megjegyzés:

helen írta...

I like your new look ;)

Clinique-Bogi írta...

Katica! Gyönyörű a "pipid" és az oldalat is nagyon csinos lett! :-)

Nina írta...

Nagyon szép lett, akárcsak a blogod külalakja ;)

AtiZsuzsi írta...

I love your new blog look.