csütörtök, július 10, 2008

stitching adventures

We've been busy the last little while but I'll fill you in on all that we've been doing in a separate post. Right now I'll just update you with my stitching.

Canada day was lovely, we had some nice weather and my nieces from Hungary are here and were staying with us that day. My older niece knows how to stitch, I taught her two or three years ago and she wanted to start a new project so that is what we did that day. We all sat out on the deck and stitched in the sunshine. My younger niece didn't know how to stitch, but wanted to learn so we picked a project and off we went.

the first picture is what my older niece stitched and finished on Canada day, and the second is her wip that she started the next day - another calico crossroads kitty, and this one is to be a gift for one of her friends back home. She picked out various kitties and is going to make herself a calendar of them when she goes home.

My younger niece did some pretty good progress as well. She picked the frog character from hello kitty as her mom loves frogs and here is her Canada day progress. I'm quite proud of her, as she's only 7 and has way too much energy so for her to sit still long enough to learn and make the progress she did is fantastic! I'm not sure she will continue - at least not this year, as once she did this much she lost interest. But that is okay, maybe she will like it later on.

Now for my little happy dances... I finished up the July square on the Bent Creek SAL I'm on, as well as I restarted and finished January on the house sal I started but messed up last year.

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