szerda, augusztus 27, 2008

stitching away the blues

I have to say that while the month of August hasn't been a good one for me personally (I wish it was over already or I could start it over) it was good one stitching wise...

Some pictures of what I've been working on:

My farm seems to have grown some more, I now have a piggy!

I've also been doing other stitching, since I got a bit tired of the animals

The second installment of my monthly houses that I restarted... not sure why its crooked but hey those are my great photography skills showing!

Part 6 of "how does your garden grow" as well as a picture of the whole thing so far

I was also the lucky recipient of a PIF by Cherry/Ildiko and it is a gorgous handmade bag with a smaller bag. I just love it! There are no words adequate enough to describe how lucky I feel to have recieved such a lovely gift! Thank you so much!!!

I would also like to thank everyone who responded to my night at the movies post, all my movies were guessed and quite quickly to boot! I had fun putting it together and I hope you all had fun guessing which movies the quotes were from.

Also please excuse the quality of the photos, not sure why, but for the life of me I can't seem to take normal pictures lately.

3 megjegyzés:

pjutko írta...

Nagyon édi lett a malackád!
Nekem a házikó mellett lévő békás ollóőrös ollód tetszik a legjobban:o)
Csodaszép lesz az a virágos is és a PIF - meglepid is klassz!

Anda: írta...

I love your cross stitched animals. Where can i find the pattern?

katica írta...

Hi Anda, thanks for looking and commenting. These farm animals are small kits that are by Lanarte. I'm not sure if they are available anymore, but good luck in your search.