péntek, augusztus 08, 2008

Mugs... coffee mugs that is

Both Evi and Judilla are showing off their coffee/tea mugs so I thought I would join in. It also gave me something to blog about... things have been very quiet here lately and not much that is blogworthy just quite yet... I showed you my mugs a while ago (way back in '06) and thought I would do it again, as I've added to my favourites collection.

From left to right - my snowman mug from Starbucks - my husband bought it for me, a mug from my brother - he got it at the flea market in a set of two for us as its so "folky" and he knows we love folk stuff, my sheep mug also from Hungary - gotta love those Happy Box stores - I could come home with the whole shop if I had enough money and places to put them, and last but not least my Starbucks ladybug mug that was a gift from one of my best friends. She and her dad got it for me and she has one exactly like it as well from NYC.

I know I have more, but these are what I could find that aren't either in boxes or missing in action.

I also have a little stitching update (what else is new)... two small finishes that are going to be for the charity stitching I mentioned before. What exactly their finished fate will be I'm not sure, but I will show you before they are mailed.

Lanarte mini kits - horse and chicken. I do have the rest of the farm animals and will be stitching them as well, but I'm searching for my cow... he seems to have gone missing :( so I only have 5 out of the original 6 right now...

4 megjegyzés:

Judilla írta...

Katica köszönöm, hogy megmutattad a bögréket!!
Annyira szép mind, jó lehet belőlük kortyolgatni. A hóemberes meg nagyon különleges.:)
A Lanarte minik nagy kedvenceim, főleg a kakaska.:))

helen írta...

Köszi a bögreshow-t :) Tetszenek :) Főleg a kacitás. Egy ideje rájöttem, mekkora katica-fan vagyok :D

helen írta...

Nagyon aranyosak a lan-állatkák is :))
A lovacskát én is kihímeztem, meg a birkát is :D

pjutko írta...

Örülök, hogy meglátogattál és ami igazán megtisztelő, hogy még a link listádon is szerepelek!:o)
Megnéztem én is a bögréid, a hóemberes szuper ötletes, de a baris is nagyon tetszik!
A Lanarte - állatkákból én a tyúkocskát csináltam meg eddig,a többi is nagyon klassz!