péntek, augusztus 01, 2008

Stitching updates

I've not been doing a lot of stitching lately so I don't have much to show but here are my latest finishes

August from the Bent Creek SAL

I've also finished a SAR (stitch-a-round)

It is stitched with Dinky Dyes silk in Bright Blossoms (limited edition from spring 2007) on one of Jo's dyed fabrics that she includes in her limited edition thread packs. The pattern is Adiago by Whispered by the Wind. (excuse the wrinkles its not been ironed yet)

The girls are gone, they've gone back home and the house is now empty and very quiet again. I miss them but I know my kitty is happy to have the house back all to herself. We had a few guests so far this summer and she isn't a very sociable kitty. She likes her family and that is it! Anyone else is over and she is in hiding, so it a way its good that its just us again, as we can actually see her around now.

We're off for the long weekend tomorrow, for a nice relaxing trip to Fairmont again. I'm looking forward to it then its back to work on Wednesday.

I'll be starting some new projects when I get back - some
charity stitching. Though I'm really going to have to pull up my pants as those ladies are creating some very beautiful things for the kids and I'm not so handy with a sewing machine... Any local ladies (Edit, Zsuzsi, Elsie, Kati, Julie or others) who may want to join me please do and I'll make sure the finished projects get to their destination. Anyone else wanting to join please do so but please contact the orgainizer for deadlines etc. Thanks!

3 megjegyzés:

Miss 376 írta...

Adiago is beautiful, colours work so well together

Jade írta...

The SAL is lovely but Adiago is simply amazing! Beautifully done!

Judilla írta...

Nagyon klasszul néz ki a BC SAL!!
Nagyon jó anyagot választottál hozzá, csodás lesz!:))