hétfő, szeptember 08, 2008

theraputic stitches

As I mentioned before, last month was not the best for us. But things are starting to slowly get back to normal, and one of the things that I found that has helped is my stitching. I will admit it has helped me get through some pretty tough times over the years and it didn't let me down this time either.

I went stash diving, as I was itching to start a new project and this one just jumped into my hands. With everything that went on last month I think it's quite appropriate, and so far with my progress, each stitch has brought me some sort of comfort or peace.

It is Madonna Dolorosa by Kustom Krafts (actually by Solaria, but its published by Kustom Krafts). I'm stitching it with DMC threads on 32ct Mountain Rose jazlyn fabric by silkweaver. I started it August 30 and this is after one week of stitching (not every night though)

Other stitching progress - my September block of the Bent Creek SAL

Now I'll be putting the Madonna aside, and will have to start on an exchange piece as the mailing date for it is at the end of the month. I'm a bit nervous with this one as I'm not a very good finisher and I've never done this type of project before, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out! I've already recruited DH to help as he knows how to use that darn sewing machine more than I do (I'll admit it I'm actually somewhat scared of the thing!)

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